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Route 1 Fun Facts
Fun Fact #13

The road that later became Historic Route 1 started as a trail during the 1600s. Burned trees marked the way, crude bridges crossed ravines, and canoe ferries transported goods and people across wider rivers. Later, the first horse carrier service would be established in New Jersey.

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Sweet tea and peaches, old-time Southern hospitality, and some of South's best attractions.

  • Appling Golf Course

    4628 Hatch Parkway South, Baxley, GA, 31513
    Phone: (912) 367-3582

  • Blueberry Plantation Golf Course

    315 Ironwood Circle, Alma, GA, 31510
    Phone: (912) 632-2772

  • Dixon Memorial State Forest

    4983 Jacksonville Hwy, Waycross, GA, 31503
    Phone: (912) 287-6612

  • Okefenokee Swamp Park

    5700 Okefenokee Swamp Park Road, Waycross, GA, 31503
    Phone: (912) 283-0583